DIY-Ivory Rose Wreath

Don’t you just love how versatile a wreath can be? You can have one for any season – Christmas, Spring, Summer, Fall. You can have one for any special day- a graduation, a holy communion, a baptism, a baby shower, valentine’s day. Or you can have  one for no reason at all… like me! Such a beautiful way to cheer up a space.

After all the inspiration I found online, I was itching to make something beautiful. But here in India you don’t have those big craft stores like Micheal’s and Joanns, so I really had to hunt around for supplies. I could not find any wreath foam like was suggested online.. so I decided to go with the easiest thing here – the humble embroidery ring!

Yes a bit skinny, if you wanted a nice plump wreath… but you will see how I got around that hiccup.


Here is what you need:

1. 2 embroidery rings(inner ones). I used 9 and 6 inch ones.
2. green floral tape
3. green floral wire
4. silk or foam roses or any other pretty flowers. Mine did not have leaves, so I ended up making my own crepe paper leaves.
5. Pearls
6. Ribbon/Fishing wire to hang the wreath.

How I made it:

1. I first covered the 2 rings in green floral tape.

2.The whole idea of placing the rings concentrically was only because each ring by itself was too skinny for my big roses. So I held them in place by stringing equal number of pearls on green floral wire and twisting them on to the rings. It did take some work and it helps if you have nimble fingers….

3. Once I was happy with the alignment. (and it took me quite a bit of time), I started securing my roses in the 8:10 position. To give it symmetry, I placed 3 roses on the outer ring and 3 on the inner covering the embroidery ring clasp and screw(which I also placed in the 8:10 position, BTW). The ivory foam roses already had 6 inch long stems made out of floral wire. So the securing was easy.

4. To make the leaves, I glued two eye shaped pieces that I cut out from green crepe paper together after placing a green floral wire (stem) between them and secured them between the roses.

And TA-DA! There is my delicate looking Ivory Rose Wreath.

You can also lay it down flat on the table and place a votive candle in the middle to make it a pretty centre piece.

I love how it turned out. What do you say?




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